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Volunteer at Taste of Edmonton

We wouldn’t be able to produce this event without our volunteers. Every year, they contribute countless hours and general awesomeness to help bring this festival to life. We would like to send out a big THANK YOU to all of you! We value your contributions and hope everyone has as much fun as we do putting on this great event. 2020 is sure to be another exciting year and we invite you to join our team.

Check back for 2020 applications! We welcome your participation! 

Volunteer Job Descriptions

  • Beverage Oasis +
    For children, designated drivers and those who are just not into beer or wine, we are offering a variety of juices and smoothies and, of course, bottled water. In exchange for Taste tickets you will hand out these beverages, re-order supplies in time and keep your work area neat and welcoming to our festival visitors.

    Shifts: TBD
  • Festival Ambassador +
    Are you outgoing, open-minded and love to approach all sorts of people and ask them a bunch of questions? Then you are the one for this position. Our funders and sponsors like to know about our visitors and you are helping us collect this important data using a tablet.

    Shifts: TBD
  • Ticket Seller +
    Our festival is so busy, this position is needed to support our ticket selling team on evenings and weekends, selling tickets from a Debit/Credit Card only booth. You will be welcoming our patrons with your biggest toothy smile and be the first in line to answer a bunch of questions. You are conscientious and accurate and enjoy the fast pace of this position, all while soaking up the atmosphere of the festival.

    Shifts: TBD
  • Volunteer Room +
    “Welcome to Taste of Edmonton”. Your smiley face is the first that your co-volunteers see when they sign in to their shifts. You will advise them, guide them, feed them, keep the whole volunteer headquarter nice and clean - and a whole lot more. This place can be pretty busy at times, so working under pressure is a good skill to have. Good people skills is a must, as you will work with a large group of people from all different backgrounds.

    Shifts: TBD
  • Count Room +
    This is a busy place and can be quite hectic. You are counting, calculating, reconciling, assisting ticket sellers and more. And all this under time pressure. You will keep it cool and still enjoy the fun about it all. Basic accounting knowledge is not a must but would be great if you have. A background check will be required for this position. Note that this position requires a minimum of 3 shifts.

    Shifts (we need you to sign up for a minimum of 3 shifts): TBD
  • Information Tent +
    Where is my favorite restaurant? When does the band start playing? Where can I buy tickets for the special programs? And a zillion more questions that you will hear throughout your shift. You are a friendly, open and welcoming person that loves to assist our patrons.

    Shifts: TBD
  • On-Site Assistant +
    You are everywhere! Assisting the volunteer management team, relieve your co-volunteers for breaks, run errands, answer questions, help out where needed and just be indispensable. You have excellent people and communication skills, are a pro-active problem solver, and think on your feet – literally!

    Shifts: TBD

For any other enquiries please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..