Events Edmonton works to bring our city together through volunteerism and community involvement.

Taste of Edmonton is where the vibrant and lively Churchill Square serves as the backdrop to one of the country’s most talked about food festivals.

The eleven day event boasts live performances of all genres, and of course, features the best of Edmonton’s culinary scene. Taste of Edmonton is proud to be a non-profit organization that runs with the help of volunteerism and community involvement.

Since 1984, Taste of Edmonton has been offering a delicious sampling of what Edmonton restaurants have to offer. Of course we like to keep things fresh!

With all of the city’s best food and drinks gathered together in Churchill Square this festival will be sure to hit your sweet spot. Beer or wine, sweet or savoury, gluten or gluten-free, folk music or jazz whatever you fancy, you will be able to find it at Taste of Edmonton!

Visit for updates and more information!


If you love food, enjoy great music, want to meet new people, need volunteer hours or wish to graciously give back to your community, join us!

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