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Taste of Edmonton has been an iconic summer festival in Edmonton for over 30 years.

We host Western Canada's largest outdoor food and music festival, and was twice chosen as Edmonton's favourite summer festival in 2017*†

Since 1984, Taste of Edmonton has been offering a delicious sampling of what Edmonton restaurants have to offer. Of course we like to keep things fresh!

With all of the city’s best food and drinks gathered together at our new location, the Capital Plaza, this festival will be sure to hit your sweet spot. Beer or wine, sweet or savoury, gluten or gluten-free, folk music or jazz – whatever you fancy, you will be able to find it at Taste of Edmonton 2018!

Locations: Sir Winston Churchill Square Edmonton, AB

Dates & Times:

  • July 16 - 25, 2020 11AM to 11PM
  • July 26, 2020 11AM to 9PM

Want to learn more about the Taste of Edmonton? We have a website for that.

* Postmedia 2017 Readers' Choice Awards Gold winner.
VueWeekly Golden Fork Awards

Taste of Edmonton Insider's Team

Want to be a part of an exclusive Taste Insider’s team?

We want Taste of Edmonton to be the best event in the city! And to do that, we have created this team to learn more about our event visitors, thoughts on the event, and general preferences.

As a Taste Insider’s team member, we will occasionally send you surveys to:

  • provide a better Taste experience
  • approach sponsors and partners that are relevant to you
  • apply for funding
  • keep Taste of Edmonton free to all

As part of this exclusive group, you’ll also be eligible for Taste Perks:

  • five draws for two for a Diner in the Sky experience
  • ten draws for $50 gift certificates to a participating Taste restaurant.
  • purchase your Taste tickets before everyone else

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Our survey has been designed to help us approach sponsors and partners for next year's event.

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